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tv   Headline News  RT  September 15, 2013 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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the latest news and the week's top stories are russia manages to avert a u.s. attack on syria as most going to washington shakes hands on a deal for damascus to give up its chemical weapons. it will go to my. children. and our t.v. is hit yet again as a syrian army wrestles of the christian century of molyneux love from jihad is forces. and two years after and that is a brave little shock the world with a horrific massacre in norway the end to immigration policy that he was
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a member of is poised to take power as part of a right wing coalition look at the decline of multiculturalism across europe. it's just gone past eleven am here in the russian capital you're live with us on our t.v. with me to mom and say let's take a look at our first story. the syrian government has been given a one a week to fully reveal its chemical weapons capability which must be completely destroyed by the middle of next year that's on the groundbreaking deal reached by russia and the united states that are the six point of road map syria's entire chemical arsenal must be quickly put under international control after the stockpiles are revealed of the decommissioning process will begin the syrian government is of life to provide for. you access to all of its chemical sites so
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they can be securely destroyed complies will be in short by chapter seven of the un charter which are threatens the use of force the deal has persuaded washington to call of its is strikes on syria at least of for the time being and is there now it has more. signed sealed and if delivered it could see syria hand over its chemical weapons stockpiles russia and the u.s. agreed on a six point plan after a week of talks i think the main factor is the willingness of russia to take responsibility and russia taking the lead russia making some proposal this is really changing the whole figure of the whole fiona me of the of the situation the plan is seen as a last diplomatic push to prevent a military intervention into syria there can be no games no room for avoidance or
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anything less than full compliance by the regime in the event of noncompliance we have committed to impose measures under chapter seven within the u.n. security council all sides including rebel groups will be responsible for the safety of international inspectors and will have to provide free access to the sites well of course this does not mean every time a violation is reported actions will be taken automatically will first have to verify and review such reports it's not really because there are a lot of complications along these surrounding this issue and we have to be very careful of what russia is still wary of us threats of course but more than welcomes the u. turn in war rhetoric from the white house obama seemed more in their brand tack at the r word and he was forced to back off on a policy that very a week ago he was committed to launch a bombing campaign and i think the russian leadership and the american people have
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boxed the men but some experts aren't convinced that this step by the ousted regime with u.s. and russian support will be enough he also has some american commentators appointed leaves the way open to do to assad what the americans did to. buffy gadhafi after all agreed to give up his chemical weapons his various of the conventional weapons and then a few years later he was attacked and the rebels immediate rejection of these latest diplomatic efforts makes it clear their pursuit for foreign intervention is not over damascus now has until next weekend to provide the un with a complete list of its stockpiles if i also continues to cooperate will it be enough to push for peace without the cooperation of the rebels and their supporters and he's now i r t moscow they internationally support a deal on syria does not bind the hands of the rebels who will continue to fight
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against the regime that's according to the free syrian army the group's political coordinator earlier told my colleague bill dodd that they are against any negotiations with our side who has agreed to comply with the chemical disarmament plan. everything that the shadows of here understand only one logic that force they don't understand anything about chemical all the other stuff it's about but never misses a major symbolic gesture isn't it by the assad regime to say yes we agree with this initiative proposed by the russians now and would that not then pave the way to a more diplomatic diplomacy a more talks with the f.s.a. engage in dialogue the regime has by the regime is lying about that you just want to buy time we don't trust but we don't always like to on. all the time for us we will not go in. if we will sold our people have blood for sure we want a solution to support solution in syria we are not fighting just for
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a fight we are not fighting because we love to hold guns and shooting at us that we need a solution in syria but the solution is start with bashar assad to step away and he lives this people to the syrian people to live peacefully and to build their democracy and to build their own country. this week of the syrian army successfully liberated the engine christian village of manjula but jihad is rebels are still holding strategic positions in the nearby mountains are days where if a national was in the fake thinks. oh oh. but. the mood is cheerful soldiers are smiling and relieved the jihadists have been booted out. but some of them were killed some of them escaped the locals joined the army to defend the native town
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the soldiers in light colored uniforms of the so-called national defense but the train he's very difficult with mountains and caves but we know the area better so we are carrying on with the operation of care but we come across one grocery shop owner who we filmed back in two thousand and twelve then he told us that the armed rebels hasn't come to their village and why would they. this time he's armed with a gun and a monster in soldiers and he has some questions again. thirty of syria is a land of history and of love they sent terrorists here from all corners of the world to kill syrians and each other why i asked the world why if the european citizen is so much just slapped across the face they'd be a scandal while in syria how many victims how many hundreds of thousands have been slaughtered why will it stop with quickly find out that it won't be today held by
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the militants for a week it seems that mountain tops of fear hotel still poses a threat that sufi hotel our goal was to liberate them push on to my tough climb on a street we couldn't do it the snipers are everywhere my lul is home to many christian churches and monasteries as well as mosques everywhere we go here we see either crosses on their rents now added to these we see black jihadists flags. it's time to had back. but while in the car something goes wrong. we take cover in a place where we find dozens of army soldiers hiding from enemy's bullets. the main road is being targeted and it's he's our only way out we think over our chances when our engineer gets heat. much.
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pressure. but. thankfully it's not serious. but it becomes clear we come to a to minutes more. when i'm stuck here in this corner and we're now trying to get out of here because this was. well no no no no. lewis had been anything done back then heck go clear a lot. more
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focus off the boots did you hear them whizzing by. but now say that we've reached safe area. to fire and you're behind this. and you're told that this is here no may get to be careful you don't like this too much so you gotta play. and we leave well given. until forces continue their frenzy for marla village which despite the claims remains under siege. she reported from syria. and maria's point of seeing real time reports on the situation in mali on her twitter feed find out the latest why following her online.
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shift to the ride of norway they conservators along well with their white wing allies are swept to power in this week's general election osting the labor party then coming a coalition includes the n.t. immigrant progress party which massenburg that as a brave it was one of its members conservative leader at another solberg are set to take the helm as prime minister has called the victory historic and as you see catherine of explains the rise of the right is being echoed across europe. two years ago norway suffered the worst massacre since world war two a brutal assault unleashed against a summer camp for young people claiming seventy seven lives the perpetrator was extreme rightist anders breivik who claimed to have political motivation for his atrocities at his trial he said he wanted to punish the ruling labor party for its liberal immigration policies and to start
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a so-called conservative revolution he was a member of the progress party in his youth before he lost faith in it and in democracy and adopted the radical and muslim views that underpinned his act of terror the anti immigration progress party saw support crumble in the aftermath of the attack but as norwegians headed to the polls monday for the first parliamentary election since the tragedy the tables appear to have turned and the progress party is poised to enter government for the first time the party has since softened its radical image and tried to distance itself from braving it it's campaigned for tougher immigration and asylum policies and wants to reduce the number of immigrants from outside the e.u. in the face of economic uncertainty and voters in some european countries have rallied behind a far right nationalist ideas a few of the parties that have emerged have grown more popular others much less so or not at all well since the financial crisis several e.u. countries including major european economies have seen a substantial rise of populist radical right electoral support let's take
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a closer look now in one of the biggest economies france after years of electoral decline marine le pen led the country's national front to its best ever results in the election of two thousand and twelve now some have claimed that zena phobia is still one of the country's party's trademarks although she has tried to soften the party's image since the more radical program of the one nine hundred ninety s. well belong to austria the freedom party of austria has focused on anti immigration anti islam and euro skeptic issues has even called for a withdrawal from the euro zone. and we've gone to the true finns in finland they may share populist rhetoric with other nordic parties its supporters to are opposed to the e.u. and to globe globalism now the party leader hundreds sieved the highest number of personal votes for any candidate in the party has one thousand percent of the seats in parliament while the movement for a better hungry entered parliament for the first time three years ago now the group
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describes itself as a radically patriotic christian party but it's described in a local pressed as neo fascist and in the far right national alliance brings together a coalition of conservatives ethno nationalists and economic liberals with fourteen seats in the legislature it's the country's fourth largest political party now at the same time some of the countries which do have notable far right parties there is a fairly even split between those that have seen an increase in support and those which haven't and as you can see right here support for right wing movements has gone down now in some ways the growth of right wing parties has been cyclical in europe some tend to gain power during economic downturns and favor and periods of growth but with economic stagnation continuing on the continent it remains to be seen what will happen to these political groups who see r t moscow. still to come in the program a disturbing flashback say you may have sold salt africa person the practices of
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the appalled almost two decades ago but as a report in a few minutes is being kept alive by a small community just outside the capital. new york london. the whole world is on the. complete truth of the original one a further one on the end. of the court's ruling at the end of the street another one the more transparent society gets the money or the tears become we see military and state unfairly forces mobilized against people who blend into the city who inhabit the city the more people trust electronic devices the more new from. fear that it has a thousand on is. language. we
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could with. some of. the consensus. choose the opinions that you. choose the stories that impact your life choose. to. welcome back you're watching our team from all of this week's of the weekly as well as today's top stories. and impassioned a debate on academic freedoms that sprung up this week in the us off to research professor at john hopkins university matthew greene would always order to take down a blog entry criticizing the n.s.a. from university seven the interim dean who gave out the order apologized thompson
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receiving a barrel of complaints cryptography told r.t. what was behind his post what we learned is that the n.s.a. has a hard time breaking encrypt and so what they've done is they've actually tried to take the products that that perform and corruption and make them worse make the weaker so that it's easier for them to break that encryption the n.s.a. is is willing to make us security a little bit weaker because remember it's not just you know non u.s. citizens are using these products it's americans too and they're willing to you know in a sense put our credibility on the line our tire industry on the line in order to access their communications of whoever it is they want to listen to we have a big debate ahead of us how much spying i mean there is there's a range anywhere from zero percent spying to one hundred percent spying and i think we have to figure out what the right balance is i think what we're learning is that the american public is not comfortable with what we're learning about that balance in the meantime some i condemning institutions on the other side of the atlantic have come under fire for spying on the sudanese private data
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a move that they say was designed to improve education standards which is laura smith has the story. remember the film minority report it's the one where tom cruise has the car in the future and uses paths in the day to stop crimes before they happen while the fictional feature is now universities are our allies in the electronic trail of students how often they use the library what books they guess out even where they park their cars to create a picture of them and how they learn they use the data in different ways the different you need for marketing courses but also to predict which students are likely to fail or dropouts and here's where it fits into nineteen eighty-four territory in the dystopian novel any negative thoughts is thought crime every party member has a telly screen in his or her home which the thought police use to watch them and record anything that resembles an unorthodox opinion or in the struggle now look
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for a university in the midlands says it's considering doing something frighteningly similar monitoring student private emails but negative comments on their university experience to see if they're at risk of quitting. students at the london school of economics are not keen on the idea. that it would be an infringement of my integrity it sounds a bit the cia now i think people are the things that went on i think people are much more kind of them. to be more violated i don't think it's right it's a kill that you can say sure you wouldn't do it in denmark where i come from i think people would like that i would mom my emails to monetise. i mean the private email is should have exclusive right to have the c.b.s. case again private universities do have a good track record for keeping data private but the worry here is that there's so much states and of course how it could be used ultimately the information could be used to allocate resources for example if it identifies the type of person most
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likely to fail universities could stop recruiting those people altogether or not waste money on trying to retain them as students start returning for a new academic year they'd better beware big brother is watching them now more closely than ever. after the landmark mayoral election in the russian capital so gay so beyond it has been sworn in for his second term at a grand surrey on imo schools are broken hill the opposition candidate alexi now wildly has filed a lawsuit demanding a rerun of one that came in second securing almost a third of the vote he claims there were multiple violations through the ballot allegations that have been rejected by the central election committee on monday thousands attended a mess really in central moscow in support of the opposition front man. right now to some of today's me music from around the world in northern iraq
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a suicide bomber has killed at least thirty six people and left dozens more wounded in an attack apparently targeting the ethnic minority this follows a string of deadly shootings and bombings across the country iraq is currently enjoying its bloody is period in years with more than four thousand deaths since april. floodwaters across the u.s. state of colorado have left five people dead and hundreds missing thousands of residents have been safely evacuated the state suffering its words flooding in decades with overhaul of the entire annual average rainfall in the past week alone more flash floods are expected in the coming days. you know warsaw tens of thousands have been rallying against the changes to labor laws of poland's government recently raise the retirement age to sixty seven and relaxing the rules on maximum working hours demonstrators carry to barriers barriers calling on prime minister donald tusk to resign the protests have been escalating in the capital for
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the past four days. security forces disperse demonstrators in turkey on a fifth conservative night of protests following the death of a young man reportedly killed by police the twenty two year old was allegedly hit by tear gas canister shot from an end to ride vehicle at a rally the case has renewed the wave of nationwide antigovernment protests for a scene earlier the stem. just outside pretoria his statue of a man considered the father of a party overlooks a town which bars number one visitors unless they have a special parts there isn't some sort of open air history museum it's a very real and self-sustaining community art is policy it's a good look inside the disturbing time capsule. a half hour drive north of south africa's capital petrolia and you'll be forgiven for thinking you've traveled
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back in time it might be two decades since nelson mandela was sworn in as the country's first black president but communities hankering after south africa's apartheid past when racial segregation was enshrined in law are starting to wave their nationalistic colors when white people first advanced into the interior of south african eighteen hundreds this is what they saw before them vast dissolute stretches of land and now one hundred fifty years later they returning to the dreams of the forefathers to create an independent entity with their own laws flag and language welcome to claim fontayne and aspiring whites only enclave if you're black you can visit but only for a few hours and with special permission but there's a little. we don't actually say that. if you go to work you can come in the first thing that greets you is you coming to claim from tain is a bust of hendrik for vote the former south african prime minister considered the
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architect of a party eight all over signposts are written off we can see the language spoken by the town's one thousand inhabitants who can all trace their lineage back to the european settlers who arrived here in the sixteen hundreds residents insist they are not racist it's just that they don't welcome jews catholics or any english speakers either merissa hoss book has lived in came from tame for six years she says she feels safe here there's no crime and she enjoys being part of a community that shares the same culture and history. this is private property so we're not taking anything from anybody else so we don't think i think it's racial but we are we feel strongly about our identity and we want to protect that and preserve it. claim for change residence include professors engineers and other middle class professionals they pay fees to a carpet of board that gives them water and electricity the community has survived largely without the help of the government it has its own water pumps and
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a natural reservoir and there's a shopping center a bank a school overtime and center and several small businesses it's residence aid self-sufficiency born out of necessity they dream is to create their own flag and currency the problem we have is that many of the laws are based on race the benefit of a certain racial group. nomic involvement many of our young people that weren't even born in the aborted don't have access to work that don't have access to education. iliza smits moved here after being unable to find work she now cleans houses or jobs she's very grateful to have my skin and all that i there is no i'm not black abroad for work at least no work and then my friend get to work yet. and that's when we come back here. under the post hate the one tough economy government forced black south africans to defend homelands now decades later the
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dice has turned and many white off economists feel that white homelands are the only solution but many south africans fear their communities that came from tain a merely enduring outpost of the parte to take me into a turn the country back to the dark days of its basis past policy on t. came from tain south africa. up next who will look into the eyes of big brother in our special report see here on i t i'll be back in about half an hour stay with us . david silver and president of american atheists initially had his request for a custom license plate with the word atheist on it rejected atheist written with a one as the i was deemed to be just too offensive after some pressure the new
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jersey motor vehicles commission caved and allowed the plate this is only logical because a properly spoke atheist point had already been in use i look at this two ways one if you're going to give people the freedom of choice of expression then some people are going to express themselves in an offensive way so if you're terrified of offending people then why not just give everyone a random plate with a random number and no one will be offended at all or two if you really believe in freedom of speech and expression all that then allow drivers to pick whatever they want and be responsible for themselves if someone throws a brick through their car window for having an ultra offensive license plate and if you want to express yourself or express something really offensive on your car then you better be prepared for some blowback or at least a few people spitting on your windshield but bashed my opinion.
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ambushes the perpetrators are older loners driven by their hatred of the government . others are religious fanatics. can a society protect itself against the encounter level how should it react to attacks with retaliation. or like the citizens of norway and spain who opted for freedom and openness. london two thousand. on july the seventh full bombs explode three in underground trains one in a double decker bus the result fifty six deaths and seven hundred injuries the attack is not from the outside nor from the end. the four young assassins a muslims three of them born in the u.k. . a traumatic experience for the metropolis in the blink of an
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eye the entire city fell out of step it's about her ability visible tool. these things live on in the collective memory they become sources of mourning and more and they have formal memorials and so on but this is nothing actually new you know london has a two thousand year history of disasters of plague of wall of strife so there is a pragmatic culture to this city as with many other cities that you know you grief you move on you go through trauma and shock and then life goes on and what is the alternative to have one just stay at home. and bunker themselves off from the future of their world and their life and the city it's not an option. the police quickly and the.


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